Will it blend?

Will it blend?

[youtube]http://youtu.be/3zcdoa0XCFo[/youtube] Spaces outside the learning management system. Though a blog can function much like an LMS… Extending the classroom space, extending the discussion. (Twitter tags) Connecting beyond… and across communities. (Helping me out on guitar, totally uncharted territory.) * (I get help this way all the time) Visualizing the open web… Open up course content, […]

On creating spaces…

I was asked to talk at a “Town Hall” of people here in the Open Learning division. I was asked to speak for fifteen minutes, unsurprisingly I blabbed for about twice that long. Apologies to all for that. I spoke about some of my struggles with the concept of innovation (the image above sums those […]

Wikipedia Authoring Basics

Below are notes for a visit to a classroom, they are considering authoring in Wikipedia as one of their assignments. Murder, Madness, and Mayhem The Wikipedia Education Program North American Environmental History¬†– UBC’s participation in the WEP The structure of the WEP is fairly tightly defined. A more ad hoc participation is possible, but do […]

Slightly longer take on wikis (one trick pony)

I am doing a lunch and learn session on wikis today, so slightly expanding the scope of my show-and-tell at yesterday’s meeting. But mostly, just taking the time to cover the material at a less frantic pace, and allow for more discussion…   Why an open TRU Wiki? I have been fortunate to be part […]