Toward a culture of innovation:


— “fear” at 4′ 30″

“…while innovation is a word that looks good on a mission and values statements, if it isn’t backed up with the things Jim and his colleagues talk about – culture, failure, play, willingness to take risks – it remains locked away as words on statements.” — Clint Lalonde

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What about our innovation lab?

UMW Thinklabif you can dream it, you can make it

3-D Printing

What would you put in an innovation lab?posing the question raises amazing answers.



Again, UMW Blogs is an inspiration

Beyond blogs

a distributed publishing hub that actually features the work happening around campus through intelligent syndication and aggregation rather than acting like a digital brochure.”

CUNY Academic Commons

Commons in a Box

Student as Producer

Lincoln and CUNY people team up on BeBop:

designed to allow members of a BuddyPress community to collect their own OERs from various web services – Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc – for display on their BP profiles. It’s a nice demonstration of how BuddyPress can be used as a tool for aggregating work done elsewhere on the web. It also demonstrates another way in which universities can use a free platform like BuddyPress as a non-commercial, locally hosted home for students and faculty, while recognizing that valuable work happens in spaces not under the university’s control.


This Changed My Practice


DS106 – distributed digital storytelling

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